Chillicothe Municipal Utilities

Refuse Department

Chillicothe began a curbside recycling program in June of 1989. Chillicothe Municipal Utilities has worked closely with Hope Haven Industries, a local sheltered workshop and recycler.

The entire program is economically driven because it is tied to a volume-based trash rate. Garbage to be sent to the landfill is collected at curbside only if it is in special CMU garbage bags. Collection of paper and recyclables are paid for from a small percentage of the monthly base fee for garbage collection. The underlying theme of the volume-based rate and the entire plan is "The more you throw away, the more you pay."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dropoff at N. Entrance of Dump on Mitchell Rd: 
8-Noon & 1-4 pm 
Dropoff at Refuse Bldg on 215 Brunswick St.  :  9-Noon

 Hours of Operation
7:00 AM 4:00PM
(Closed Saturdays till Spring)
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